About Us

Ushauri Consultants is a dynamic online platform designed to bring together consultancy service providers and clients, creating a collaborative space where expert advice meets business needs. Whether you are seeking specialized guidance or offering your consultancy services, Ushauri Consultants serves as the bridge to connect professionals and clients in a seamless and efficient manner.

Key Features


Intuitive platform design for easy navigation. User profiles for both consultancy service providers and clients, highlighting expertise and requirements.

Service Categories

Diverse range of consultancy service categories catering to various industries and domains. Clear categorization to facilitate quick and targeted searches.


Communication tools facilitating seamless interaction between clients and consultancy service providers. Secure messaging and document sharing for effective collaboration.


Access to valuable information, industry insights, and resources to empower clients in making informed decisions. Detailed profiles and portfolios for consultancy service providers to showcase their expertise.

Security and Trust

Stringent data security measures to protect user information. Commitment to ethical business practices to build trust within the community.

Global Reach,
Local Impact

Connectivity to consultancy service providers and clients worldwide. Regional focus; East Africa Community wide access to support local businesses and foster community growth.

Verified Profiles

Verified client reviews and testimonials for transparency and credibility.

How It Works


A straightforward paid registration process for both consultancy service providers and clients.

Profile Creation:

Users create detailed profiles, showcasing their expertise, services offered, and business needs.

Search and Connect:

Clients browse through a diverse pool of consultancy service providers based on their requirements.
Consultancy service providers explore potential clients aligned with their expertise.

Engagement and Collaboration:

Secure communication channels enable effective engagement and collaboration between clients and
consultancy service providers.

Feedback and Reviews:

Clients provide feedback and reviews based on their experiences with consultancy service providers,
fostering transparency and accountability.