Title: Co- Founder & CEO

Business Name : Ushauri Consultants

Industry : E-commerce / Online Services

Background : Lucy Msacky is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur
with a passion for leveraging the power of the internet to create
innovative solutions and foster business growth. With a background
in commerce, accounting and taxation, Lucy has accumulated a
wealth of experience and knowledge that serves as the foundation for
their entrepreneurial journey.

Connect with Lucy: 


This profile serves as a glimpse into the dynamic world of Lucy – an online entrepreneur whose entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence drive the success of Ushauri Consultants.

Professional Journey: After gaining valuable experience working in a dynamic, varied business consultancy firm for over 7 years, Lucy embarked on the entrepreneurial path, recognizing the immense potential of the online marketplace. Together with her business partner, they founded Ushauri Consultants, a cutting-edge venture aimed at providing a dynamic platform for bringing together professional service providers and clients requiring professional services of any legal business or personal requirements.

Business Overview: Ushauri Consultants is a a dynamic e-commerce platform that will be a meeting point for professional consultants and potential clients in real time. Ushauri Consultants stands out for its commitment to provision of reliable unique meeting point, with quality, innovation, customer service.

Vision and Mission: At the core of Ushauri Consultants mission is a dedication to offer a unique meeting point for consultancy service providers and clients who are in need of such consultancies across East Africa Community.
Ushauri Consultants aims to be its clients’ partner of choice; to deliver services that meet real needs and add value to clients’ needs and requirements. Ushauri Consultants envisions a future where a meeting point of service providers and requires will have a positive impact on improved service provision and this vision guides every decision and initiative undertaken by the company.

Innovation and Technology: As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Lucy embraces the latest technological advancements to stay ahead in the dynamic online landscape. Ushauri Consultants employ cutting-edge technologies and dynamic tools to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Customer-Centric Approach: Ushauri Consultants understands the significance of customer satisfaction and places it at the forefront of their business strategy. Lucy is known for her personalized approach, actively seeking customer feedback and adapting services to meet evolving needs.

Community Engagement:Beyond business success, Lucy is committed to giving back to the community. Lucy participates in her weekly Church activities and has special affection for orphans and less-fortunate members of community.

Looking Forward: With a clear vision for the future, Lucy continues to steer Ushauri Consultants towards new horizons. The online entrepreneur remains dedicated to exploring opportunities, fostering innovation, and making a lasting impact on the digital landscape.